Raf-Tronik Plus - invites you to cooperation, we operate in the fields of comprehensive service in the supply of PCB laminates, comprehensive service in the field of assembly of SMD components, comprehensive service in the field of THT components assembly, wholesale of electronic components SMD, THT, etc.


  • Raf-Tronik - SMT assembly

    Raf-Tronik Plus offers professional SMD contract assembly. We provide support for small, medium and large production series. We will pay the most attention to time for customer support in the implementation of prototype quantities.

  • Raf-Tronik - THT assembly

    Company Raf-Tronik Plus has many years experience in production of laminates PCB with the cast of THT. We have qualified staff, and we cooperate with well-known on the market THT assemblers.

  • Raf-Tronik - PCB circuits

    Printed circuit board PCB is a plate of insulating material with electrical connections called. paths and solder points for the installation of electronic components. The printed circuit board may be single, double or multi-layer (the inner layer). Company Raf-Tronik Plus provides high quality PCB laminates, which are made in accordance with the recommendations and client documentation.

  • Raf-Tronik - Components

    We offer the highest quality elements based on the customer's indications - the basis for delivery of the required item is the part number  and the producer approved by the customer. We make valuations based on the sent statement of elements for a specific project or according to the individual customer's needs.

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